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Welcome to RKAD Enterprises!

We are an e-commerce business with a background in selling quality wholesale products on websites like Amazon. We specialize in catering to a wide base of customers, all with different interests, but all with one thing in common: they are the kind who LOVE shopping online.
Our core mission is to source the latest interesting and innovative consumer products, and make them widely available to customers like YOU in various different niches, satisfying needs and wants they never knew they had, at unbeatable prices... and, in this process of providing extra value to you, the customer, we will make your day brighter, even if it's the littlest bit brighter.
Our store has something for everybody - whether you're...
- looking for that little piece of welding paraphernalia that you've just been wishing for all your life; 
- finding new ways to spice up your house with things with cat and dog photos on them;
- or even hunting for the newest tech accessories...
... and much, much more!

At the end of the day, there is NOTHING that we value more than giving you that neato product that we're sure you'll rave to your friends, coworkers and family about.... and get them to spice up their lives too by buying into our product.
As a company run by a father-and-son team, we're consumers just as much as we are sellers, and we value providing top-notch service to our customers. Dissatisfied with your order? We'll be more than happy to resolve your disappointment to the best of our ability. Just give us a shout at hello@rkad-enterprises.com.
Here are just a few of the products we have to offer... 
(more to come as our storefront becomes public)
The Spread-Eagle Welding Helmet
  • Solar auto darkening welding helmet for STICK, MIG, MAG/CO2, TIG & plasma welding, arc gouging & plasma cutting
  •  A Gift for Patriotic Welders: This ultra-safe, cool blue helmet is awesomely emblazoned with graphics featuring the Stars & Stripes and an all-American bald eagle. 
  • Amaze your fellow welders and engineers with the Spirit of the USA!
  • CE and ANSI (Z87.1) certified
  •  Powered by solar cell with lithium battery backup
  •  1/25,000s switching time from light to dark
  •  0.1-1.0s from dark to light by variable dial knob
  •  UV Protection: 313nm< 0.00006%; 365nm< 0.00006% 
  •  IR Protection: 780- 1300nm< 0.003% ; 1300-2000nm<0.003%
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    Introducing The Oval Makeup Brush
    •  Steampunk/Early 20th Century Style: Made of vintage-style zinc alloy to spunk up your decor
    •  Size: 65x60x30mm
    • Lost Your Can Opener? No Problem! With this wall-mounted can opener, you can easily open up both soda cans and beer bottles without having to haggle around the house for that handheld can opener that you somehow keep losing in all of the clutter...
    •  High-Quality Item: Made of a durable, anti-rust metal, this can opener is easy to install and is awesome as a permanent fixture in the homes of retro lovers and steampunks.
    •  A Unique Gift for Family, Neighbors and Other People of Interest: A welcome convenience for you, your family, and any other guests you might just wanna bring over and have a drink with.
    •  Perfect for Many Environments: kitchen, bar, game room, club house, garage or boat, etc.
    •  The Biggest Bang for Your Buck - Simpler and better than other can-openers on the market... at a fraction of the price!
    •  Fast Shipping & Unbeatable Customer Service: Item is shipped out within 2 business days of order and covered under our Customer Satisfaction Guarantee.
    10-Pack of 16.7" Yellow Emoji Balloons
    •  10-Pack of Latex Emoji Balloons: A great gift idea for kids with smartphones, the young-at-heart, and emoji lovers!
    •  Suitable for Special Events... Add a whiff of emoji-ism (where appropriate, that is) to any kind of party - be it for someone's birthday, the holidays (Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc.), anniversaries, weddings, graduation parties, or a plain' ol family dinner!
    •  An Amusing Decoration! Putting together a "The Emoji Movie" fan expo? Planning well in advance for the next World Emoji Day? No problem - show your fellow emoji fanatics who's boss by adding the perfect novelty decoration to your event!
    •  DISCLAIMER: Contents may vary from illustration. Each 10-pack ordered may not contain all 9 of the varieties shown above; 2 or more balloons in the set may have the same graphics.
    "The Throne" Toilet Sticker
    •  Add Some Kingliness to Your Bathroom with this 6.3" x 7.1" sticker for the toilet!
    •  Next time someone in your house tells you they need to do a no. 1 or a no. 2... seeing this sticker will make them feel even happier about that big unloading!
    •  Transparent Vinyl Sticker: Boosts the self-confidence and integrity of anyone who needs to use the restroom - just make sure you don't fuel EVERYONE'S ego too much by pasting this sticker on every toilet in the house!
    •  Also Suitable for Public Restrooms: just make sure the janitor (and/or your boss) approves of it...
    Salvador Dali-Style Melting Shelf & Desk Clock
    •  Eccentric Decor for the Surrealist: Impress and perhaps even freak out your friends and family by adding this novel warped clock, inspired by Dali's classic work "The Persistence of Memory," to your decor!
    •  Lay It Anywhere Where There's a Flat Surface! Clock is perfectly balanced and rests off the edge of any flat surface; perfect for decorating desks, shelves, tables, and what have you 
    •  Quartz Clock Movement: Runs off 1x AA battery (NOT INCLUDED)
       Non-Slip Backing: No worries that it'll fall off your desk or shelf!
    •  Size: 6.89" x 5.71" x 4.53"
    Do you have an idea for a product that you would like us to sell? 
    We are always on the lookout for the coolest and most unique gifts around that we can offer, so if you have an idea about how we can expand our variety, give us a buzz!
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